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Back With a Vengeance

Last weekend, Josh60502 and JustMattPwn3r recorded the first real podcast episode in months. The hardcore Frayed Wire X fans might have noticed that it has been on the podcast feed for a couple of days now, but for the rest of you people, I’m here to inform you that Episode 9: Back With a Vengeance is now available for download, either on PodOMatic or iTunes. I tried some new editing techniques on the recorded file, namely some amplification and noise removal. I’m not completely satisfied with it; in fact at one point I took down the episode, edited it some more, and re-uploaded the podcast. However, I do think it is an improvement over how previous episodes have been.

Here is the description of the episode as seen on both of the previously mentioned places:

*Note*: The other two recordings Josh60502 and JoeWillBeatJohn made in addition to the District 9 review have been lost forever! Sorry, but hopefully this new full-length podcast episode will make up for them….

Recorded by: Josh60502, JustMattPwn3r
Discussion Topics:
– Post: “Quake II” Demo Impressions
– Matt has Steam!
– And we have an official Frayed Wire Steam group, remember?
– The Big Red Comment Update
– Post: “Brutal Legend” Demo Impressions
– Post: Uncharted 2 Header!
– The Uncharted 2 beta
– Post: “Infamy” – The New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer
– Post: Internet Gaming Spotlight: Shut Up Kanye
– Post: …Hi
– Post: “Metal Gear Solid 4” PS3 Review
– Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2
– Post: “Zombie Apocalypse” Demo Impressions
– Post: Introduction
– Post: “Dr. Nano” iPhone Game Review
– Post: Sub-Par Scribblenauts Header
– Post: Reader Poll: Which Game is the Most Exciting?
– Post: Super Mario Bros Frustration
– Post: What Does This Remind You Of?
– Post: Moderated
– Post: New Metroid Prime Trilogy Header
– Post: “District 9” Movie Review
– Bully: Scholarship Edition
– Post: “Mathogen” iPhone Game Review
– Post: “Watchmen” Movie Review
– Post: Steve Jobs, I Hope You’re Happy
– Post: “The Sims 3” PC Review
– Post: Free App Review: Shotgun Free
– Post: I’m Changing Things Up A Bit with Free App Spotlights
– Post: “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” Demo Impressions
– Tales of Symphonia
– Post: Call of Duty: WAW Map Pack 3 Footage
– Post: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Trailer
– Post: Halo Legends: The… Anime?
– Post: CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare 2
– Post: Wii Sports Resort Header
– Post: Into the Dark World of Half-Life 2 Mods
– Day Hard
– Post: Top 5 Games Best Supported With DLC
– Post: “Battlefield 1943” Demo Impressions
– Post: Creepy Old Men FTW!
– Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
– What we’re playing

Click here to get it on iTunes

Click here to listen to it in your browser.

By Josh60502

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  1. lostaddict1993
    October 22, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    I preferred the podcasts pre-Nate bashing. Yes, Matt, I’m looking at you. And I most definitely can give average reviews. I’ve just been playing lots of really good or really bad games. I’ve got a few I’m playing through right now that are fairly average and I’ll get reviews up once I actually finish them.

  2. October 22, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    We should try to get you on the next podcast, Nate. More people = more conversation = a better podcast.

  3. lostaddict1993
    October 23, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    Sure thing. Just tell me when. Next term should be alot easier for me too so in a few weeks I’ll be cruising through school.

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