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Third-Person Perspective in Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Footage

Here at Frayed Wire, we don’t normally make a habit of talking about recent news revelations concerning an upcoming game, but when that game is as mutually anticipated among our staff as Modern Warfare 2, we can’t help it. Today a video of a game mode that apparently takes place in a third-person perspective was leaked by someone in France who somehow landed a copy of the game early. The video is of poor quality, but people on online message boards have been able to translate the menus to discover “3rd Person Team Deathmatch” and “3rd Person Cage Match” among the available online playlists. Seeing the video myself, I wasn’t convinced that this wasn’t just someone spectating a match from a third-person perspective, but I have found out that Infinity Ward’s Community Manager Robert Bowling confirmed that it is true. Apparently apart from the small amount of online playlists dedicated to the point of view, it can be toggled on or off before a private match begins and it affects every player.

I laugh at how the poster of this video claims the footage to be “exclusive”, but this is one of the few versions that hasn’t been taken down yet, so watch it before it inevitably is!

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