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Wikipedia, I Love You

For those who don’t know how to click on a picture to make it larger, I’ll type out the paragraph (spelling errors intact) that I found on Wikipedia today through a Google search:

Valve software is currently owned by Gabe Newell who currently is the fattest man on the planet earth. His mass has been acumulating exponentially over the last few years. Dayton Haywood (Expert in fluctuating trigometric anomalies) was asked to see if Gabe’s mass would ever cause a problem to his health. Dayton replied “It’s not a matter of him being a danger to himself but rather saving our world. Through my reaserch I have discovered that by the year 2012 Gabe’s mass will be larger than that of the world and all living things combined, thus the apocolypse of 2012 will NOT occur. Gabe’s mass will simply take the blast of any oncoming apocolypse and will be absorbed into the mass that is Gabe Newell.”

“By the time 2012 rolls around Gabe Newell will not only be the fattest man but also the richest. Valve will own the world economy and be the new corporate powerhouse.” Economist Gordan Freeman prdicts. “As their new 2012 motto goes, We Rule the World!” [13]

Click here for the full article before this was, of course, edited out.

By Josh60502

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