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“Pop ‘n Tock” iPhone Game Review

If you asked me what Pop ‘n Tock meant, I would have no idea what to tell you. But if you asked me what I thought of the iPhone game of the same name, I’d recommend it. A while ago, the game’s developer, a Korean company called Mirnamu, sent Frayed Wire a download code for the game. I’m long overdue to write the review, but I hope my spreading of the good word this game deserves will bring it a few more sales in the App Store and possibly put it back into the public eye.

The name Pop ‘n Tock doesn’t do much to describe what this game is about, so I’ll tell you here: three cute creatures called “jellyballs” need to be sent into a goal before time runs out. To bounce the jellyballs into their destinations, players tap them at certain angles as they are being tossed around the screen. Sometimes metal blocks will make it harder to bring the jellyballs to the goal(s), or a honey block will cause your cute little heroes to get stuck for a short amount of time. The first levels are very easy, with large goals and almost no obstacles. As the game progresses, the time limit starts to become a concern, and the number of goals you have to make increases. You’ll even start to notice that the jellyballs will explode if there are too many on the screen at once, meaning you haven’t been making enough goals fast enough.

There were about 40 levels in the game total when it was first sent to me. I beat all of those after a while, but soon afterwards a massive update was released for the game. Now there are 85, and they were completely redesigned. All of the 40 levels I played no longer exist exactly as they used to. In the update, the size of the metal blocks changed, several gameplay mechanics were added (including wind and the honey blocks), more background music tracks were put into the game, and new background artwork appeared as well. Pop ‘n Tock started off as a huge (and good) game, but the update it received nearly doubled the amount of content. This was one of the main reasons I took so long to write a review… I wanted to play through the game again to see what all the differences were. I can say after playing the majority of these new levels that Pop ‘n Tock is a better overall game than it was before, and this is good news even to people who have not played previous editions, as it shows that developer Mirnamu is willing to provide loads of new content in updates for their games. Will Pop ‘n Tock be updated this much again? It’s possible, and even just that possibility is a rare quality in an iPhone game.

After I had gotten a hang of controlling the jellyballs with taps, the game was fun, but it became pretty easy after a while. With so many levels, it would have been nice to see them get progressively harder, even if by just a little bit. The reality is, though, the game goes straight from very easy to a difficulty that stays pretty much the same throughout. Occasionally one level will be uncharacteristically difficult, but then the subsequent stages will go back to the normal, easier challenge. You could almost say that this game was designed for kids, as that is the age group that would probably most enjoy its cutesy charms. In that case, the difficulty is probably at about the right level.

The graphics are just as good as they need to be to convey the style of the artwork, and the sharp resolution of the iPhone helps them to pop. If you are immediately turned off by the visuals when you look at screenshots of the game, it probably isn’t for you, as you’ll be seeing a lot of that sort during the large amount of time you’ll spend playing the game if you try to beat every level. The music is fun and upbeat, just like the rest of the game. Also, with the update came a large amount of background images for the levels. They show the jellyballs doing various things – sometimes playing together, and sometimes getting into trouble. A few of the images even go together to tell a story solely in pictures. There is no over-arching plot in Pop ‘n Tock, but this isn’t the kind of game that needs one.

For $1, Pop ‘n Tock provides a lot of cute fun. The gameplay stays similar throughout, but there is enough variety slowly introduced over its whopping 85 levels that you’ll return to it now and again. It may prove to be a little too easy to the hardcore gamer, but for the younger crowd, the easier difficulty and lighthearted feel will be very much appreciated.

Pros: Charming style, huge amount of levels, it gets updated

Cons: Too similar throughout, too easy

Final Score: 7.6 out of 10

By Josh60502

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