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Bioshock 2 Freezing is Officially Ridiculous

That’s right, principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. After three sessions of play, Bioshock 2 has now frozen on me a total of nine times. And this is the kind of freezing that forces you to reset the system because none of the buttons on your controller will do anything.

All of these freezes have happened in the multiplayer – most during the transitions from a game back to the pregame lobby, or vice versa, but I have also had it freeze right in the middle of a match. This, coupled with the fact that every match has some amount of lag in it, makes me want to ignore the multiplayer for now and try to go through the single player more. Supposedly 2K Games is working on a patch for this, because this problem is very widespread (do a Google search for “Bioshock 2 freezes” and you’ll see what I mean), but I’m hoping it comes soon. I’ve read that some game crashes can actually brick a system, and that’s the last thing I need to happen. It seems there’s nothing I can do for now, because installing it to the hard drive on my 360 proved to be only a temporary fix, and people have reported that clearing the system cache is not the magic cure.

Come on, 2K Games, don’t keep us waiting!

By Josh60502

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  1. Theo
    February 28, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    I’m having the same problem and it’s really annoying.

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