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“Mach Ball” iPhone Review

Oh, where do I start with Mach Ball? For starters, it’s not a terrible app; but to put it simply, it isn’t very much fun to play.

For starters, the interface is a joke. The translation is incredibly poor to the point that the options are sometimes difficult to understand. For example, after finishing a level, the message “Title Screen for tap” appears. Ah Mach Ball, do we need to go over basic English grammar? No, we SHOULDN’T however we clearly must. This alone isn’t going to immediately end your enjoyment of the app but the mistakes are frequent enough that it WILL distract you and take from the fun of the game.

However, that’s where the positive side kicks in: Mach Ball IS an interesting concept which, had it been implemented better, could be very fun. The point of the game is to use multi-tap to draw lines on the screen which your ball will bounce off of and guide it to the goal. Problems begin with the performance of the game, which is less than stellar. It runs at a consistent frame rate but, that rate just isn’t very high. The gameplay feels sluggish and the physics also seem just off enough to bother you. Your ball will occasionally veer off in seemingly random directions when it collides with one of your drawn lines. Also, the game doesn’t do a good job of showing you where you’re supposed to deliver the ball so you often find yourself bouncing it wildly around the stage until you find the path you’re supposed to take.

It’s just not much fun. The grating sound effects don’t help either. Music is nonexistant and the little dinging noises that the ball makes when it ricochets off of something will get old very quickly. You DO however have the option of listening to your own music, which is nice, but no reason that they should entirely omit any music of their own.

The last point I feel I should touch on is the fact that there are only five levels which last 30 seconds to one minute each. The app is currently priced at $1 which in and of itself isn’t much, but there are so many wonderful AND cheap apps out there that I can find no reason to recommend this to anybody. If at any point the app is offered for free, give it a shot, you may find the “interesting” gameplay addictive enough to replay the pitiful five levels, but otherwise, this is one application you’ll want to steer clear of.

Final Score: 3 out of 10

By LostAddict1993

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