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Playin’ My Playstation

So many great games have been coming out in the past few months and more are sure to come, but you know which ones are grabbing my attention? Old Playstation 1 games. Why? I’m not so sure myself.

I recently opened an Ebay account, and ever since I’ve been rather addicted to looking for cheap deals on some of the Playstation 1 classics I never played. So far I’ve bought Disruptor (okay, maybe that’s not a classic) mostly because of my love for Insomniac Studio’s other PS1 games – the original three Spyro‘s. Disruptor is a Doom clone through and through, but I’m still having fun with its low-res graphics and cheesy full motion video cutscenes. I hope to review it when I have finished it.

Another PS1 game I bought from Ebay (just today, actually) was Heart of Darkness. After seeing a video of it on YouTube, I was instantly interested. It may have come out in 1998, but the animation holds up incredibly well. The animations actually took up so much memory that the game had to be released on two discs, despite being fairly short. Of course, I only know all of this from what I’ve read in various places on the internet. I should be able to give a full account of the game once I play through it myself.

The video that caught my attention

So what’s next? I don’t want to spend too much money on these old games. In fact, once an auction goes above 10 dollars, usually I’m out. Because of that, I probably won’t be playing some of the rarer or more expensive PS1 games out there. I’m sticking with the common ones that tons of people are selling at any given time. For example, Tekken 3. I remember playing this years ago and thinking it was awesome, which I don’t normally think right away about fighting games. Sure, Tekken 6 is out on the 360, and I don’t doubt that it’s probably better in every way, but I like the novelty of playing an old Playstation. Technology has moved forward since then, but there are still plenty of worthwhile experiences to be had on that old gray box.

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