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What to Expect From E3 2010 – Nintendo

Nintendo’s E3 this year will not be too surprising, if my predictions end up being correct. It will, however, be enlightening and interesting, as we will finally find out about all the weird things they’ve been quietly introducing.

First and foremost is the 3DS. Essentially a normal DS with some added 3D capabilities, many questions remain. How will it look? How will it give a 3D effect without requiring glasses, as it claims? (My guess is that it will be that Viewmaster-type 3D… if anyone remembers what a Viewmaster is.) How much will it cost? When will it come out? And most importantly, what sweet new games will come out for it that will make me want to run out and buy it? I still have only the original model of the DS (“Old Clunky”), but I know people who have over the years bought not only the original model but also the DS Lite, the DSi, and maybe even the DSi XL. What is so great about the 3DS that all those people should upgrade yet again? Nintendo hasn’t always had the greatest sense of what their press conference audience wants to see, so I don’t think it’s ridiculous to guess that they might neglect to give the 3DS the really strong showing that it needs. It will be interesting to see how they manage to show it off at all to the audience. Will the giant presentation screens be able to convey the 3D effect? I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how they end up doing it.

Possibly the weirdest part of Nintendo’s conference at E3 last year still needs to be cleared up. I’m talking about the Wii Vitality Sensor, that little white… thing… that does… what exactly? Wii Party, the new game in the Wii Sports/Play/Music line has been announced, but little is known about it. I think it’s entirely possible that it might use the Vitality Sensor. In fact, this sounds like a pack-in combo the more I think about it. Nintendo loves to pack in all their new accessories with a game, so why would this be any different? The only question that remains is how that thing will be used. If Wii Party is a primarily multiplayer game, does that mean everyone will be passing around that sweaty little white thing and taking turns putting their finger in it? Sounds kind of gross.

It’s pretty obvious by now that Nintendo doesn’t feel like they need to win the hardcore audience over. But even though they appear to be content as the king of the casual market, I think we will still see Nintendo unveiling more about some hardcore-minded games. Metroid: Other M will probably get a mention, as will the new Zelda game. I’m hoping to hear a lot about the latter title in particular, as it’s pretty much guaranteed to be great already.

Out of the three big companies, Nintendo’s press conference will probably be the worst, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be bad. I just don’t see Nintendo trying anything particularly crazy. They’ve already got a ton of sales under their belt, and they’ll just try to prolong them a little more for the next year. We won’t see anything crazy like a new system this time around, but maybe a cool game we didn’t see coming will pop up. I’ll be watching what they do, but Nintendo doesn’t have me pumped this E3 like Sony and Microsoft do.

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