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Frayed Wire X Podcast Episode 11: All Corners of the Earth

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Josh60502, JustMattPwn3r, and LostAddict1993 meet up again to record a new episode of Frayed Wire X. Do they have an idea of what they are going to talk about? No. Does that matter? Def no.

Listen in for discussions about the lack of new posts on the site, the general suckiness of Sonic the Hedgehog, upcoming gaming consoles, and the public’s inability to accept change in games like Metroid: Other M and Final Fantasy XIII.

Due to some issues retrieving the snazzy intro I introduced last episode, this one starts off right away. U mad about that?

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By Josh60502


Podcast Episode 10 – Breaking Your Soul

E3 2010 has come and gone, but Josh60502, JustMattPwn3r, and LostAddict1993 still have much to say about it. We discuss our general lack of interest in Kinect, Sony’s Kevin Butler fan service, and Nintendo’s rekindled love for the hardcore gamer (even if Zelda is looking a little shaky). After running out of topics, we fumble around for ideas and end up talking about Super Mario Galaxy 2, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, the Final Fantasy series, and the dangers of going through an “eBay phase.” Also, we remind everyone that Death Note is indeed the greatest manga ever created.

Give us a listen and leave some feedback somehow, so that you might not have to wait months for the next podcast again.

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By Josh60502

Vote For Your Favorite Game of 2009!

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment

We did it last year at Frayed Wire, and now it’s time to do it again – vote for the best game of the year! I’ll try to get a handful of our editors to make personal lists, but what we really want to know is what YOU think deserves the top honor! Keep in mind that, just like last year, we are asking for your FAVORITE game of the year – not necessarily what you think is the BEST of the year. You’d have to play nearly everything that came out to make a judgment call like that, and believe us, not even we have done that.

Vote in our poll on the sidebar of the site, and the results will be shown in a later post.

By Josh60502

Sub-Par Scribblenauts Header

September 17, 2009 1 comment

I thought the Metroid Prime Trilogy header was getting a little outdated, so last night I decided to switch headers. Seriously, I loved that Metroid header, but sometimes you just have to move on. Scribblenauts, the DS game that won numerous E3 awards and caught my own personal interest, came out recently, so that seemed like the perfect choice. Unfortunately, not many good croppable images of it exist, so the best I could do in the limited time I spent making the header didn’t end up being very great.

If anyone has any good Scribblenauts pictures I could make a header out of, send them my way. Also appreciated would be ideas for Frayed Wire headers. If you’ve got any, leave a comment.

By Josh60502

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If the first thing you thought when reading the title of this post (and also of the newest podcast episode) was “why did he spell ‘lasers’ wrong?”, then you obviously need to visit YouTube more often. And while you’re out surfing the web, why not give episode 8 of the Frayed Wire podcasts a listen? You can either listen to it here in your browser or subscribe to us on iTunes. Either way, leave some questions that we can answer in the next podcast in this post’s comments. You might even win some Wii points for it!

Recorded by: Josh60502, JustMattPwn3r
Discussion Topics:
– Post: Free App Spotlight: Vampires Live
– Post: Reader Poll: Which Album Should Matt Review For Sure?
– Post: Reader Poll Results: Which Album Should Josh Review For Sure?
– Post: “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” Movie Review
– Post: Well There Go My Dreams
– Post: I Touch the iTouch
– Post: Current Happenings
– Post: “Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2” Review
– Post: New Conduit Header
– Post: “1 vs 100” Beta Impressions
– Post: Internet Gaming Spotlight: Pandemic 2
– Post: COD: WAW Shi No Numa Glitches
– Post: Need More Witty Banter
– iTouch games
– Urban Reign
– GameStop’s shady buisness practices
– De Blob
– Are you listening, M80?
– Offroad Velociraptor Safari
– Brawl Tournament #2?
– Gramers in GameStop

By Josh60502

Need More Witty Banter

That’s the title of episode 7, the latest podcast by Josh60502 and JustMattPwn3r. Listen to us talk about E3, Guitar Hero 5, and plenty of other great topics for over 40 minutes from either iTunes or this link.

Here are the show notes:

Recorded by: Josh60502, JustMattPwn3r
Discussion Topics:
– Post: Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 Released
– Post: “30% of Debt Paid”
– Pikmin 1
– Post: “Wolfenstein 3D” Demo Impressions
– Post: My Top 5 Favorite Parts of Sony’s E3 09 Press Conference
– Post: My Top 5 Favorite Parts of Nintendo’s E3 09 Press Conference
– Post: My Top 5 Favorite Parts of Microsoft’s E3 09 Press Conference
– Post: What to Expect From E3 09 – Nintendo
– Post: What to Expect From E3 09 – Sony
– Post: What to Expect From E3 09 – Microsoft
– Post: E3 Predictions to Start Tomorrow!
– Post: Modern Warfare 2 Premier Trailer
– Post: “Bully: Scholarship Edition” Wii Review
– Post: Reader Poll: Which Album Should Josh Review For Sure?
– Post: Reader Poll Results: What Do You Think of Lego Rock Band?
– Post: Prestige mode: Oh Yeah!!
– Post: I Don’t Care – It’s Only Episode 6
– Guitar Hero 5
– DJ Hero
– The MySims series
– Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
– Grand Slam Tennis
– The Sims 3
– Rock Band Unplugged
– Plants vs. Zombies
– Matt’s Frayed Wire plans for the near future
– Josh’s Frayed Wire plans for the near future
– The Wii Vitality Sensor
– What kind of pictures will people make with Project Natal?

By Josh60502

My Top 5 Favorite Parts of Nintendo’s E3 09 Press Conference

June 2, 2009 1 comment

Nintendo’s press conference was the one I was looking forward to the most, but not the one I expected the most out of. I’d say that this E3 was an improvement over last year’s for Nintendo, but they still put on a disappointing presentation. Cammy whatsername took the stage once again and repeatedly used the line “Everyone’s Game”, a phrase that emphasizes the casual market of gamers. There were a few cool surprises towards the end, but I am going to have a hard time picking out 5 good things from the conference nonetheless. Well, here I go:

#5. Golden Sun DS

I remember wanting to buy Golden Sun on the GBA a long time ago because I thought it looked so cool. I never actually did buy the game, but an interest in the series has stayed with me ever since. Golden Sun DS looks to be an epic DS RPG with great graphics… and it’s not even a Final Fantasy remake!

#4. WarioWare: DIY

This game looks like it’s essentially a WarioWare level creator and sharing device. If it is true that you can even create the means that your microgame is accomplished, then this DSiWare game is very cool indeed.

#3. Super Mario Galaxy 2

The announcement and trailer of Super Mario Galaxy 2 was probably the standout moment in this press conference for most people, but I was not completely drooling at the mouth when news of this game surfaced. Yeah, it will probably be another “masterpiece” like the first one, but I haven’t actually played the first one real deeply, so I don’t have much to be excited about. Still… it’s good to have masterpieces on the Wii.

#2. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: The Minis March Again

People have been waiting for a worthwile DSiWare game; a reason to buy a DSi and a leg up over the iPhone. I believe that the announcement of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: The Minis March Again shows that Nintendo is taking a step in the right direction. The level sharing possibilities are huge, and it doesn’t hurt the game is coming out next Monday.

#1. Metroid: Other M

This may be my number one favorite moment of the press conference, but it didn’t get me anywhere near as amazed as I was at Microsoft’s Project Natal. Still, for the hardcore Nintendo fans, this was the kind of trailer they were waiting for. The fact that Team Ninja is involved in the development is perhaps most surprising of all… I wonder if Nintendo will make them hold back the maturity, or if Metroid: Other M will feature excessive open body gore and beach volleyball scenes.

By Josh60502