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Frayed Wire X Podcast Episode 11: All Corners of the Earth

October 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Josh60502, JustMattPwn3r, and LostAddict1993 meet up again to record a new episode of Frayed Wire X. Do they have an idea of what they are going to talk about? No. Does that matter? Def no.

Listen in for discussions about the lack of new posts on the site, the general suckiness of Sonic the Hedgehog, upcoming gaming consoles, and the public’s inability to accept change in games like Metroid: Other M and Final Fantasy XIII.

Due to some issues retrieving the snazzy intro I introduced last episode, this one starts off right away. U mad about that?

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By Josh60502


Podcast Episode 10 – Breaking Your Soul

E3 2010 has come and gone, but Josh60502, JustMattPwn3r, and LostAddict1993 still have much to say about it. We discuss our general lack of interest in Kinect, Sony’s Kevin Butler fan service, and Nintendo’s rekindled love for the hardcore gamer (even if Zelda is looking a little shaky). After running out of topics, we fumble around for ideas and end up talking about Super Mario Galaxy 2, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, the Final Fantasy series, and the dangers of going through an “eBay phase.” Also, we remind everyone that Death Note is indeed the greatest manga ever created.

Give us a listen and leave some feedback somehow, so that you might not have to wait months for the next podcast again.

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By Josh60502

What to Expect From E3 2010 – Sony

June 9, 2010 1 comment

With a slew of great games having come out on the Playstation 3 this past year, Sony has proven themself a worthy competitor in the video game market. Fantastic exclusives have been the discs spinning in many PS3 owners’ systems, so this year at E3 I think we can expect to see a lot of talk of sequels. Killzone 3 has been announced and shown off a little bit already, as has LittleBigPlanet 2, but I expect there are still plenty of games up Sony’s sleeves that are waiting for a proper unveiling at their press conference this year. Infamous 2, Resistance 3, maybe some sort of Uncharted sequel (possibly on the PSP), are all big possibilities.

While it’s obvious that Sony has some great games coming down the line, one place they have yet to fully prove themselves is in their motion controller. Will the Playstation Move keep up with Microsoft’s Natal? Both companies are sure to push their respective motion controlled experiences at E3 this year, and on Sony’s end we’ll probably be seeing these games get a sizable chunk of time devoted to them at the press conference.

Sony’s Playstation Network has long been considered inferior to Xbox Live, but that may change after we find out more about the “premium service” Sony has coming up. Will the added features players get for subscribing be worth the fee? I predict Sony will clearly lay out all the details regarding this service at their conference, including the price. It will be interesting to me what exactly the added features will be. Cross game chat? Movie rentals? Free downloadable games, or perhaps some sort of rental service for them?

Another topic that several companies will be tackling this year is 3D. It’s all the rage now after the success of Avatar in theaters, but consumers have yet to be convinced that they need to go out and buy a 3D compatible TV. Will we see an “Avatar of games” – that is, a title so groundbreaking that it convinces everyone that 3D is worthwhile? I’m betting we won’t. Rather, I think all that will happen is some games will be announced as 3D compatible. Killzone 3 is already confirmed to be that, and some of the Ps3’s other big upcoming games will probably jump on the bandwagon as well. I’d be surprised if Sony unveils something 3D related that is truly spectacular at their press conference, but you never really know. I always find myself getting surprised at these press conferences every time.

By Josh60502

Reader Poll: Which Racing Game Series is Better?

October 22, 2009 3 comments

DeadDemon’s poll has run on for a while now and amassed a decent amount of responses,  so it is time to move on. The new question has only two answers; which racing game series is better? The Gran Turismo series that always innovates on the Playstation and created the simulation racing genre, or the Forza Motorsport series, which may be a result of Microsoft wanting to compete with Sony but is nevertheless known for providing highly realistic physics and extreme attention to detail. Console war time!

A picture from Forza Motorsport 3


A picture from Gran Turismo 5


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My Top 5 Favorite Parts of Sony’s E3 09 Press Conference

June 3, 2009 1 comment

I do not own a Playstation 3 or a PSP, so out of the big three press conferences, this was the one I could care the least about. Still, there’s usually enough cross-platform stuff being talked about to hold my interest, and it’s always good to see what the other companies are up to. While there were some cross-platform games like Assassin’s Creed 2 and Final Fantasy XIII, the real stars of Sony’s show were the company’s first party efforts, just as I predicted. Surprisingly, no PS3 price drop was announced, but I think they showed off the PS3 well enough to make people want to buy one at the price it’s at. Here are my top five favorite moments from Sony’s press conference:

#5. New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

I’ve never actually played a real Final Fantasy RPG, but I intend to make XIII my first one. The trailer shown off was enough to keep me interested in the title.

#4. Mod Nation Racers

I was impressed by the creation tools in this kart racing game… it follows the “Play, Create, Share” concept of LittleBigPlanet, but this seems a lot easier to use. Could be very interesting.

#3. The Last Guardian Trailer

It may be a PS3 exclusive, but I enjoyed the trailer of this game by Team Ico nonetheless. It reminds me of all those great Studio Ghibli anime films, though I’m not entirely sure why. Looks like a beautiful and well-thought-out game.

#2. Playstation Eye Motion Controls

Move over, Nintendo. With both this and Microsoft’s Project Natal, it’s obvious that Nintendo is falling far behind the competition in terms of motion control. The controllers used in the tech demos onstage seemed to consist of one button and a giant colored ball on top of the controller. The Playstation Eye appeared to track the ball’s movements on a 1:1 level, something that Nintendo has failed to sucessfully do on the Wii for years… this thing could be big.

#1. Uncharted 2

Not God of War III? Yeah… that looks alright, but God of War III‘s demo didn’t impress me nearly as much as Uncharted 2‘s did. The intensity of the game was incredible, with helicopters chasing the main characters, buildings toppling to the ground while they were inside, and the amazing graphics holding up all the way through. From what I can tell, Uncharted 2 has a great cinematic feel to it, but still keeps that feeling of being a game. Great stuff.

By Josh60502

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What to Expect From E3 09 – Sony

Sony is a respected company, but so far it has fallen behind Microsoft in terms of sales. In this economy, people are not going to want to spend lots of money on a new game system, especially if they already have one. Luckily, Sony has some first party games coming out that are so big they might justify a console purchase to some.


God of War III

First and foremost is God of War III. This uber-violent and uber-awesome action game has got legions of gamers excited, including Frayed Wire’s own JustMattPwn3r. And he doesn’t even have a PS3! A trailer and playable demo will most likely appear in the convention.

Heavy Rain is another PS3 exclusive that has the potential to be great. It seems to be an adventure game that’s heavy on dialogue (and rain, apparently), but with an interesting twist. The game’s narrative never stops no matter what happens to the main characters. If you end up getting killed, the story goes on. Needless to say, there will be numerous endings that can only be seen after several playthroughs. It also helps that the game has incredible graphics that really show off the PS3’s power.

MAG is one of the most ambitious shooters in a long time, boasting 256-player online multiplayer matches. It would be interesting if this was playable in 256 different spots on the showroom floor… I mean, what better way to show off the multiplayer? Somehow or another, I’m certain MAG will show up at E3 this year.


Uncharted 2

Some of the early PS3 favorites are finding sequels this year. Uncharted 2, PixelJunk Shooter, and Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time are confirmed by to be shown, and all three look to be great games. The Xbox 360 has many interesting titles set to release in 2009, but most of them are third party games that will also be appearing on the PS3. Sony is doing a good job with making cool looking games that are exclusive to the Playstation 3, and the games may be able to win over people who are trying to decide whether to buy a 360 or a PS3 based on their exclusivity.

Of course, there’s the problem of cost. The PS3 is the most expensive of the three main consoles out right now, so a price drop would be a smart move. Sure, Sony might lose some money if they make one, but such a move could mean big sales when combined with such a great lineup of console exclusives on the horizon.

On the other side of things is the PSP. With Nintendo having recently released the DSi, Sony is failing to make a big impact on the handheld market at the moment. There have been rumors of a PSP Go, which supposedly has a touch screen and no UMD support. That means that all games played on the handheld would have to be downloaded and stored on the system… a risky move, but a potentially genius one. It will be interesting to see if Sony talks about such a device next week.

With a great lineup of games on the PS3, all Sony needs to do is lower the price of the system to bring in new customers. E3 this year can either be a breakthrough or a missed opportunity for Sony, so all eyes will be on the company this coming week.

By Josh60502

I Don’t Care – It’s Only Episode 6

Josh60502 and JustMattPwn3r express a lot of indifference towards the glut of topics in the latest episode of the Frayed Wire podcast (or Frayed Wire X, as some call it). It’s the longest one we’ve ever recorded (70 min. and 25 seconds!) and includes debates and comments on the following subjects:

– Post: What I’m Looking Forward To
— The Conduit
— Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
— Mario and Luigi RPG 3
— Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference
– Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
– MadWorld
– Post: What’s Going On Around Here?
– Post: “Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You” Music Review
– Post: Thanks, Oprah. For Nothing. (Or Something?)
– Post: “Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram” Demo Impressions
– Sin and Punishment 2
– Post: Oh Yeah… Podcast Number 5 Has Arrived!
– Wii vs. DS
– We pull out the newest issue of Game Informer (June 2009) and begin to discuss what it has to say…
– Modern Warfare 2
– DJ Hero
– Final Fantasy XIII
– Muramasa: The Demon Blade
– Red Dead Redemption
– Gun
– Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
– Grand Slam Tennis
– Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
– Batman: Arkham Asylum
– Fight Night Round 4
– Need for Speed Shift
– Need for Speed Nitro
– Prototype
– Wolfenstein
– Dante’s Inferno
– Guitar Hero Smash Hits
– The Saboteur
– Battlefield: Bad Company 2
– Red Faction: Guerilla
– Aion
– Spore Galactic Adventures
– America’s Army 3
– 6 Days in Fallujah
– Brutal Legend
– Saw (the game)
– Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
– Katamari Forever
– Virtua Tennis 2009
– X-Men Origins: Wolverine
– Bionic Commando
– Ninja Blade
– Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
– Infamous
– Punch-Out!!
– Boom Blox Bash Party
– Excitebots: Trick Racing
– Klonoa
– Patapon 2
– Matt hates on the PSP
– GTA: Chinatown Wars (again)

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